Something a little bit different for this post. Steve Howe is a UAV pilot and engineer. A UAV is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or a drone. Anyone with even a passing interest in technology photography will have noticed in the last few years that drones have started to become more and more mainstream and have really opened up new perspectives for photography, especially for landscape and architectural photography.

Drones aren’t just about little quadcopters taking fancy videos and photos though. Steve specialises in fixed wing aircraft which can fly autonomously for hours at a time and can be used in industry to survey large areas of land for minerals, wildlife and land surveys. Impressive pieces of kit which are revolutionising industries.

Detail of a lathe in UAV pilot Steve Howe's Workshop | Poole Commercial Photographer | Thomas Whild Photography

Because of their specialised applications, Steve’s UAVs are custom built and tailored to their individual use.

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