Jewellery Designer Emma Leonard at work in her studio | Bournemouth Commercial Photographer | Thomas Whild Photography

Emma Leonard is a Jeweller, based in Westbourne. Emma specialises in handmade silver earrings, pendants and bangles which combine a range of styles and techniques, all based around her own distinctive stylised leaf design. As well as making her own jewellery, Emma also teaches regular classes from beginners workshops to 12 week courses at her studio, so you can learn to make your own pieces.

Emma Leonard - Jeweller

I’ve known Emma for some time, and it was an utter pleasure to see her at work. She was also good enough to sit for the portrait on a sunday afternoon, after teaching a workshop, so I can’t thank her enough.

Some of the more eagle-eye’d readers might have also spotted that this isn’t the first post from the project to have featured Emma’s work. Bonus points for the first person who can spot it!

If you’re an independent maker of things based in the fair county of Dorset and you’d like to be involved by having your portrait taken for this project then I’d love to hear from you. Just drop me an email, tweet me, send a Facebook message, carrier pigeon…