Festive cheese wedding cake with Happily Ever Afters

Over the festive period, Stacey of Happily Ever Afters got in touch with me as she was creating a very special festive themed cheese wedding cake for a wedding at Bournemouth’s Yenton Hotel. With all the special effort going into the festive cheese wedding cake she wanted to capture some photographs of this stunning centrepiece.

Cheese Wedding Cake with grapes, figs and festive decorations

The cheese wedding cake is a great alternative option to the traditional tiered cake. The style is eye-catching and works really well with a rustic or vintage-themed wedding. Not only that but it also offers guests a chance to grab a bite to eat through the reception.

Cheese wedding cake with grapes, figs and festive decorations

For people with more of a sweet tooth, Happily Ever Afters were also supplying a popcorn hamper and ferris wheel full of sweets. It was incredibly hard not to tuck in myself!

Popcorn hamper and ferris wheel with sweets

Popcorn hamper decorated with white roses

Festive popcorn hamper with sweets and lantern decoration

Stacey did a great job putting together all the stunning treats for this wedding. I would really recommend her if you are looking for something a little different for your wedding cake, or just for an alternative, savoury option. Check out her website here!

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